Measuring Patient Outcomes: 4 KPIs You Must Track Today

patient outcomes

It’s often said that knowledge is power. And to harness that power you must harness all the available information in service of improved patient outcomes. By tracking these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can begin to turn your spreadsheets into goals and strategies that improve the quality of your care. KPIs are performance measurements supported…


National Patient Safety Goals: How Do You Measure Up?

national patient safety goals

The well-being of patients is the top priority of every clinician and healthcare administrator, but every day they get caught in the middle of serious information gaps that force them to guess in situations when the stakes could be life and death. Patient care falls through these information gaps. Money falls through them, too. Everyone…


Improve Patient Satisfaction with a Focus on Patient Safety

patient satisfaction

There are many ways organizations can work to improve patient satisfaction. They can train employees to be more compassionate, kind, and supportive of patients throughout their treatment. They can bring in tools to help with matters such as refilling prescriptions and finding specialists. They can allocate resources to educate patients about their financial responsibility and…


Tools for Improving Patient Outcomes Through Better Care Coordination

improving patient outcomes

It’s no surprise to see more organizations allocating resources and investing in solutions to aid in their care coordination efforts. After all, better care coordination has been shown to lower costs, increase patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines a central goal of care coordination as…


The Importance of Patient Safety in Hospitals

patient safety in hospitals

As healthcare providers, it is imperative that we put ourselves in the shoes of our patients. Imagine you have just been admitted to the emergency department. It is likely that you didn’t choose this hospital, and you are anxious and scared about your current situation. These feelings are exacerbated when you learn that the institution…