Projects are assigned index scores based on evaluations over 5 elements; this index score is then divided by the maximum index score (60) to compute a Project Index Score. Index scores are listed in italicized parenthesis above following the project description. The five elements used to assigned an index score are listed below:

  • Potential for achieving system transformation – 30pts

  • Potential for reducing preventable event – 10pts

  • Capacity for project to affect Medicaid beneficiaries – 10pts

  • Potential cost savings to Medicaid – 5pts

  • Robustness of evidence based suggestion – 5pts

This Project Index Score is then multiplied by a valuation benchmark value, a dollar monetary value assigned by the state and determined by the number of projects proposed by an applicant, to calculate a project PMPM (per member per month). The valuation benchmark value decreases as the number of projects proposed by the PPS increases, to account for the shared capacities of one PPS across projects.

Concurrent to this value determination, will be the parallel determination of a Project Plan Application Score by an independent assessor, contracted by the NY DOH. The plan application rubric to be used by this independent assessor is under development in collaboration with the CMS, and will include bonus points for addressing sustainability issues in communities served by IAAF providers.

Finally, a Maximum Project Value is calculated as the product of: the project PMPM (a monetary number), the Project Plan Application Score, the number of Medicaid beneficiaries attributed to the project, the duration of the DSRIP project (assumed to be the full 60 months). Each of the maximum project value scores for a certain PPS are the added together to calculate the Maximum Application Value for that PPS. This Maximum Application Value represents the highest possible financial allocation for a PPS can receive for their project plan over the duration of DSRIP participation. The actual allotment may be reduced if the PPS does not meet metrics.

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