Wel­come to Cure­atr! Physi­cians who wish to use Cureatr’s mes­sag­ing soft­ware and ser­vices (“Licensed Appli­ca­tion”) are required to reg­is­ter for the ser­vice and pro­vide cer­tain reg­is­tra­tion infor­ma­tion to Cure­atr. Accord­ingly, we have devel­oped this Pri­vacy Pol­icy to describe our poli­cies and pro­ce­dures with respect to such infor­ma­tion, as well as addi­tional infor­ma­tion that you pro­vide to Cure­atr from time to time. This Pri­vacy Pol­icy applies only to reg­is­tra­tion data that is pro­vided by the physi­cians who reg­is­ter for and use the Licensed Appli­ca­tion. It does not apply to the con­tent of the mes­sages that are trans­mit­ted through the Licensed Appli­ca­tion. The secu­rity of the mes­sages that are trans­mit­ted through our Licensed Appli­ca­tion is gov­erned by the HIPAA Secu­rity Rule.

1. When you open an account with Cure­atr Inc. (“Cure­atr”) and pro­vide infor­ma­tion to Cure­atr, you are vol­un­tar­ily accept­ing the terms and con­di­tions of the Terms Of Ser­vice, the HIPAA Adden­dum, this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, and any other agree­ment or pol­icy incor­po­rated by ref­er­ence.

Infor­ma­tion Received

2. Cure­atr receives the infor­ma­tion you pro­vide when you open an account with Cure­atr, includ­ing but not lim­ited to: your name, email address, birth date, loca­tion of work, med­ical degree sta­tus, posi­tion in insti­tu­tion of employ­ment, area of spe­cialty, med­ical school or train­ing institution(s), year of grad­u­a­tion, and/or insti­tu­tional affiliations.

3. Cure­atr receives infor­ma­tion from third party sources that you have autho­rized or is already pub­licly avail­able, such as infor­ma­tion from med­ical databases.

4. Cure­atr receives infor­ma­tion you choose to trans­mit to oth­ers or infor­ma­tion other Cure­atr users choose to trans­mit to you through Cureatr’s Licensed Appli­ca­tion, includ­ing but not lim­ited to the con­tent con­tained in text mes­sages trans­mit­ted through Cureatr’s Licensed Appli­ca­tion. This pro­vi­sion only applies to non-Protected Health Infor­ma­tion (“PHI”) trans­mit­ted through the Licensed Appli­ca­tion. Trans­mis­sion and reten­tion of PHI is cov­ered by the HIPAA Secu­rity Rule.

5. Cure­atr receives infor­ma­tion when­ever you inter­act with its Licensed Appli­ca­tion, includ­ing but not lim­ited to when you log on, when you log off, when you send some­one a text mes­sage, or when you read a mes­sage that has been sent to you. For exam­ple, when you access Cureatr’s Licensed Appli­ca­tion, the infor­ma­tion may be stored in cook­ies, which are data files stored by your web browser on your com­puter, and/or web server logs and log files, which are records for when you request to view a web­page. This infor­ma­tion helps Cure­atr rec­og­nize you and cus­tomize your expe­ri­ence with Cureatr’s Licensed Application

6. Cure­atr receives infor­ma­tion from you when­ever you com­mu­ni­cate directly with Cure­atr, such as when you have you have requested cus­tomer ser­vice sup­port.

How Infor­ma­tion Is Used or Shared

7. Cure­atr uses the infor­ma­tion received from you to do the following:

  1. 1. Update, improve, expand, and cus­tomize the ser­vices pro­vided by our Licensed Appli­ca­tion to you;
  2. 2. Improve our efforts to keep the Licensed Appli­ca­tion and the infor­ma­tion trans­mit­ted safe and secure;
  3. 3. Use data that does not con­tain personally-identifying infor­ma­tion for research;
  4. 4. Dis­close any infor­ma­tion required to do so by law, or where Cure­atr has a good faith belief that such dis­clo­sure is rea­son­ably nec­es­sary to: (a) com­ply with manda­tory legal processes, includ­ing but not lim­ited to, sub­poe­nas and court orders; (b) pro­tect the rights, prop­erty, or per­sonal safety of Cure­atr or our users; and/or © enforce the terms and con­di­tions of the Terms Of Ser­vice Agree­ment, the HIPAA Adden­dum, this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, and any other agree­ment or pol­icy incor­po­rated by ref­er­ence; and/or
  5. 5. Pro­vide infor­ma­tion to third party ser­vice providers that man­age our databases.

8. Except as oth­er­wise dis­closed in this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, while you have per­mit­ted Cure­atr to use the infor­ma­tion received, Cure­atr will not share infor­ma­tion received from you with third par­ties unless Cure­atr has:

  1. 1. Received your per­mis­sion to share the infor­ma­tion; and/or
  2. 2. Pro­vided you notice about shar­ing such infor­ma­tion, such as by post­ing this notice.

9. Cure­atr will pro­vide users with thirty (30) days’ notice if it has been sold, acquired, merged, sold some of its assets, or has been involved in some other action affect­ing Cureatr’s own­er­ship and con­trol. Dur­ing this time period, users can exer­cise their right to ter­mi­nate their accounts or remove infor­ma­tion in their accounts. If users do not ter­mi­nate their accounts or remove infor­ma­tion in their accounts dur­ing this time period, the infor­ma­tion received may be trans­ferred to the third party involved in the sale, acqui­si­tion, merger, or change-of-ownership action.

How You Can Con­trol Your Information

10. You have a right to access, mod­ify, or update infor­ma­tion or delete non-required infor­ma­tion that Cure­atr has received about you after you open an account with Cure­atr and become a user. Required infor­ma­tion is infor­ma­tion Cure­atr needs to open an account for you with its Licensed Application.

11. You can opt out of the fea­ture that sends you noti­fi­ca­tions regard­ing com­mer­cial, edu­ca­tional, or finan­cial oppor­tu­ni­ties relat­ing to your account and/or communications.

12. If you want to stop using your account, you can ter­mi­nate it by con­tact­ing Cure­atr at

How We Secure Your Information

13. To access your account and infor­ma­tion through Cureatr’s Licensed Appli­ca­tion, you must have a unique user name and pass­word. You are respon­si­ble for keep­ing your login pass­word secure and con­fi­den­tial and not per­mit­ting oth­ers to use your login cre­den­tials to access your account. Please log out of your account when you are not using it. After a period of inac­tiv­ity, your account will auto­mat­i­cally log off.

14. Cure­atr fol­lows a wide range of industry-standard secu­rity best prac­tices to pro­tect your data from loss, cor­rup­tion, or unau­tho­rized access.

15. Cure­atr relies on third party ser­vices for some ele­ments of its sys­tem infra­struc­ture. We care­fully vet the ser­vices we use and require the ones that han­dle cus­tomer data to sat­isfy legal stan­dards and to fol­low industry-standard secu­rity, com­pli­ance and audit­ing prac­tices (for an exam­ple, please see Ama­zon Web Ser­vices Secu­rity and Com­pli­ance infor­ma­tion at Regard­less of the level of trust we place in a third-party ser­vice, we always encrypt the most sen­si­tive data, includ­ing cus­tomer messages.

16. If you believe that your account secu­rity has been com­pro­mised for any rea­son, please con­tact

Pro­tected Health Information

17. Cure­atr secures PHI that is sub­ject to HIPAA and that is trans­mit­ted through its Licensed Appli­ca­tion in com­pli­ance with HIPAA Secu­rity and Pri­vacy Reg­u­la­tions, the HITECH Act, and applic­a­ble state reg­u­la­tions. The HIPAA Secu­rity Rule addresses secu­rity of PHI.

Changes to Pri­vacy Policy

18. From time to time, Cure­atr may make changes to this Pri­vacy Pol­icy or other applic­a­ble agree­ments and poli­cies. These changes will be posted at and you will be noti­fied through your mobile device and/or the email address you pro­vide to Cure­atr. If you con­tinue to use Cureatr’s Licensed Appli­ca­tion and ser­vices, you agree to be bound by the terms and con­di­tions of the revised Pri­vacy Pol­icy, or any other applic­a­ble agree­ments and poli­cies.


19. Cure­atr is intended for indi­vid­u­als who are licensed physi­cians or health care pro­fes­sion­als in good stand­ing or ver­i­fied med­ical stu­dents in the United States who are 18 years of age or older.

How You Can Con­tact Us

20. If you have any ques­tions, com­ments, or con­cerns, please con­tact Cure­atr by email at