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"Cureatr has already made an impact on my practice, by making fast, secure communication with colleagues really simple. Terrific app!"

“Saves incredible amounts of time that was once spent looking for nurses and social workers.”

“The app looks great and addresses a true pain point in my day-to-day as a doctor.” Good communication is key.”

“Finally an easy-to-use messaging app developed for doctors. I love it! Since my colleagues and I have downloaded the app pager usage has gone down and my productivity has gone up. It’s only a matter of time until this replaces my pager completely.”

"Cureatr provides a solution to one of the biggest workflow issues that a radiologist faces on call, tracking down referring physicians with critical results and documenting the communication.”

“As a medical student I appreciate an app that takes the functionality of a smartphone and puts it into action in communicating on the wards. I have no idea how to use a pager and I hope I never will. Great app, particularly in a team or group setting.”

“Cureatr allows me to focus more on reading studies instead of paging physicians during a shift where I might have had to make up to 30 calls. Their intuitive and secure platform has become an indispensable tool for me!"


“It has been extremely helpful with discharges to have social workers, discharge coordinators, attending physicians, residents and interns all on one team.”

“Disruptions to workflows have diminished substantially and communication between physicians and nurses about the care plan has never been better.”

“If you take away Cureatr I will cry. It has revolutionized patient care.”

“With Cureatr, I can easily communicate changes in patient status without having to waste time trying to track down the right physician or disrupt care.”

Improved Efficiency

Reported faster response time

Improved Coordination

Reported better communication

Reduce Costs

Long distance call charges

Overall landline usage

Save Time

Minutes saved daily by physicians

Minutes saved daily by nurses

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