Enterprise Uses

Enhance the way your providers coordinate patient care

Accountable Care Organizations

Connect providers across healthcare settings to establish clinical communication and facilitate care coordination.

Connect All Providers & Settings

Connect all hospitals, physicians, providers, and affiliates in an ACO network through a unified, HIPAA-secure messaging platform.

Optimize Care & Treatment Plans

Easily identify and exchange information with affiliate providers to personalize patient care and avoid redundancies.

Coordinate Patient Care Transitions

Coordinate care transitions between ACO settings with actionable alerts and shared workflows that streamline care handoffs and reduce readmissions.

Take Advantage of New Incentives

Communicate, collaborate, and coordinate throughout an ACO network to improve care, reduce costs, and capitalize on new health IT incentives.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Link provider care teams to enhance clinical decision-making that improves service delivery and patient satisfaction.

Quickly Find the Right Provider

Instantly locate care team and clinical support providers using integrated employee directories, specialty service group listings, and availability status.

Expedite Clinical Decision-Making

Real-time exchange of personal health information and clinical data among care team members accelerates decision-making for quicker interventions.

Streamline Care Delivery

Track patient care and easily manage transitions throughout the acute setting with actionable alerts and shared workflow checklists.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Simplify communication and care team collaboration to decrease wait times, reduce hospital noise, and increase overall patient satisfaction.

Specialty Care Providers

Integrate specialty care across broad referral networks to better personalize and coordinate health condition management.

Connect with Referring Providers

Locate and interact with providers responsible for patient care outside of the specialty setting to establish and maintain referral networks.

Build Collaborative Relationships

Develop collaborative relationships with primary and acute care providers to easily exchange information and reduce unnecessary and duplicative testing.

Reduce Readmissions in Post-acute Care

Reduce hospital readmissions as patients move from the hospital to post-acute care settings.

Optimize Behavioral Health Management

Manage critical patient transitions across the behavioral health continuum.

Physician Group Practices

Connect providers with patient care networks to influence clinical decisions and close care gaps across the continuum.

Identify Patient Network Providers

Connect with all providers in a patient’s care network to facilitate the exchange of personal health information and treatment records.

Influence Care Decisions at Every Stage

Actively participate in patient care activities across all setting to ensure the delivery of preferred and personalized treatment regiments.

Navigate Patients Along Care Pathway

Guide patients along care pathways by bridging the gaps between providers and settings to ensure coordinated transitions and continuous care.

Multiple Network Accounts Per User

Single log-in to access multiple networks. Track all of your patients as you direct care teams across multiple hospitals and institutions.


Improve HEDIS, PQRI and other quality metrics through the use of real-time event notifications to reduce complications associated with transitions of care.

Patient Registration Alerts

Alert specialty care providers when patients register in the ED.

Coordinate Medical Home Care

Support medical home care coordination programs.

Discharge Notifications

Notify primary care providers in real-time when their patients are discharged.

Bundled Payment Plans

Manage costs among bundled payment programs.

HIEs and RHIOs

Building networks of real-time connectivity to close the gap between HIEs and providers to make information available on any device.

Provide Critical Health Information

Make patient health information available when and where it is needed in a usable format.

Reduce Preventable Readmissions

Access to real-time information will reduce preventable readmissions, improve outcomes and expedite care.

Facilitate Care Coordination

Connect disparate providers across a region to support population health management programs and care coordination.

Ensure Smooth Transitions of Care

Support smooth transitions between care settings by delivering clinicians and care managers real-time Care Transition Notifications™.

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