Clinical Workflow

Standardize and streamline care processes

Improve Safety
Reduce Errors
Increase Productivity

Cureatr helps providers optimize care processes with best practice and custom workflow checklists.

Share Best Practice Checklists

Bolster your efficiencies. Use best practice workflow checklists to standardize and streamline care.

Share workflow checklists with your care team members to stay on top of progress and improve processes, such as:

- Hospital Admissions
- Patient Discharge
- Care Transitions
- Missed Treatments
- Lab Results

Create Custom Workflows

Enhance your patient care. Cureatr works with you to identify the most vital care processes at your organization.

We then create custom workflow checklists based on your unique needs to optimize the delivery of care at your organization.

Third-Party Integration

Save time and accomplish more with Cureatr’s friendly API. Cureatr integrates with your patient roster to automatically trigger workflow checklists and save all documentation to your EHR.

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